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About Us

Reportsbox is the world’s most comprehensive and largest collection of market research reports. We bring market reports, industry insights, and market information, from all leading market research publishers, at your fingertips. Our industry-specific research experts help you choose the right reports, based on expert and unbiased insights, to meet your needs.
Reportsbox has the largest and most comprehensive collection of market research reports from all leading global publishers. Our research professionals have extensive knowledge about the industry, publishers, and various types of reports in their respective industries. They save you time and money by personally assisting you in finding the right report. Our market reports power your decision making and help you stay informed and the leader in the market.

You can begin with a keyword search using the Search field on every page or browse research by industry category or market. When you find a report of interest, click on the title to view extensive report information, including a detailed report description and table of contents.

If you have any query or need assistance in finding the right report or want to speak to one of our industry-specific research specialists, you can call us at +91-832-950-1237 or Contact Us

Our customer service and research specialist team are available by phone at +91-832-950-1237 or Contact Customer Service. Customer service is open Monday to Friday.

Our Site

We offer syndicated market research reports, which feature quantitative and qualitative research on markets, industries, and companies. The lengths of reports vary from 10 pages company profiles to exhaustive 1,000-page industry overviews. Most of our reports are stand-alone studies and are available in PDF format.
The reports are published by all our leading global publishing partners and research companies.
Report prices are set by the respective publisher. We periodically offer special promotions and discounts through our various publishing partners. Speak to our research specialist to find the report which will best meet your needs and fits into your budget.
If you are interested in selling your reports through our service, please complete the Become Publisher Form, and our publisher relations team will contact you.

Registration and Accounts

Registration gives you access to report descriptions, tables of contents, list of tables, and figures. You can also receive complimentary search assistance from our industry-specific research specialists.

By registering yourself, you have access to your account information and can change your account details like username, password, billing, and shipping address. You can see your reports purchase orders and download purchased reports which are available for download.

Registration also helps us to serve you better.

Simply reset your password and it will be sent to the email address used as your username. You can also contact customer service at +91-832-950-1237 for assistance with any of your account information or Contact Customer Service.
If your information changes, you can update it by going to the My Account section. If you have questions about making account changes or need help to change it, please call +91-832-950-1237 or Contact Customer Service.

Ordering and Delivery

A simple and easy way to place your order is online.

  1. On the chosen report page, first, select user license and format on the right-hand side of the screen.
  2. Click the 'Add to Cart' button to add the report with the selected user license and format to the cart.
  3. From your Shopping Cart, you can either 'Continue Shopping' or 'Proceed to Secure Checkout' to complete your billing information and payment method. Here, you can also increase or decrease report quantity or remove the report from the cart.
  4. You will be prompted to either register or login before you continue to confirm your purchase.
  5. At the checkout page, fill in your billing information and select the desired payment method and click on the 'Continue to Checkout' button.
  6. You will be redirected to the payment gateway page. Provide your credit or debit card information to place the order.

Alternatively, you may call our sales team to place an order at +91-832-950-1237 or Contact Sales Team

Payment by credit card and debit card (Preferred):
For online orders, we accept VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS.

Payment by check or wire transfer:
Arrangements for payment by check, wire transfer, or invoice can be made by contacting our sales team at +91-832-950-1237 or Contact Sales Team. The report(s) will be delivered to you after your check has been realized or money transferred by wire has been received.

Payment by PayPal:
You can also use your PayPal account or PayPal payment gateway to order the reports.

We are unable to sell reports by the section by default. However, we can provide you with a customized report if our syndicated products do not meet your specific needs. Please Contact Us to discuss how we can tailor a report or include an add-on to suit your needs.

If you are interested in having an entirely new study created based on your requirements, please send a request directly to our Custom Research Team.

You can anytime upgrade your user license of the purchased report by paying an additional price. Please contact our Sales Team to upgrade your user license.
Almost all reports are generally available in PDF file format. However, some reports might also be available in the following formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Some reports might be in hard copy format and will be shipped to you by our publishing partners.

Single User License: Single User License allows one user to have and use/read the report. It is not one user at a time or one user group; it is an individual who will be reading and utilizing the report for the entire company. This option is intended for companies where one person is going to be responsible for a project and need the report to help in his or her decision-making process.

Multi-user License: Multi-user License will allow you to get a license for a preset number of people (Normally 5). These licenses are ideal for small workgroups that have a shared active project or for a situation where both the end-user of the report and the department manager both need to have direct access to the report.

Department License: Department License is designed to allow an entire department within a company full access to a report. A department license is a great option for companies that have more than one location and the department is spread out all over the country/world.

Site License: Site License is for companies that have one location where they want the report to be accessible. It is optimal for companies that only have one location or for teams/departments that are all located in the same physical place.

Enterprise License: Enterprise License allows for the whole company to read and use the report. This is the license level that would allow for a report to be placed on a company shared drive and directly used by everyone. It allows employees to share a report with other Authorized Users, any person employed by the same direct organization of the original purchaser. This does not extend to employees of the parent company or related subsidiaries.

Due to the various time zones, our publishing partners are located in, the timeline for delivery of electronic reports in PDF format may vary for each customer. However, we strive to dispatch an electronic report within 24-48 hours subsequent to receipt of payment.

Sometimes, reports may need to undergo a final check or review before dispatching to you and this could take additional time.

Hardcopy reports that require shipping will take longer to deliver and generally arrive in 5 to 7 business days after receipt of your order and payment.

We cannot accept the cancellation of an order once it has been placed. When placing an order with us, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.
Due to the nature of the information being sold, we, unfortunately, cannot accept the return of reports and refund the money once they have been delivered. Please be sure to read all available information about a report before you place your order. If you have any questions about a report's coverage or relevance or need expert's assistance or advice then, please Contact Research Specialist.

Privacy and Security

When you register, sign up for our newsletter service, or place an order, we collect and store your name, email, phone number, company name, contact information, address, and billing information in our database. Your IP address is also recorded when you visit the site. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information. We use this information for our internal purpose and do not share it with third party. We share your information with our publishing partner when you place an order with us so that they can facilitate the report delivery.

We do not collect, store or share your credit card or debit card information.

We protect your privacy by strictly adhering to the guidelines set out in our privacy policy. You can view and edit the information we've collected from you at any time by visiting the My Account page. If at any point you don't wish to receive updates, newsletters, or promotional communications, you can opt-out or unsubscribe by following the directions in the email or Contact Us with the word "unsubscribe me" in the subject line.
We use various state of the art security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information. We store the personal information you provide on computer systems, which are located in secure, controlled facilities. All information is encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL), stored, and transmitted using 256-Bit encryption.
A "cookie" is a passive piece of information stored on your computer's hard drive. It automatically informs of site-specific information, such as your username and what information products you've bought from our site in the past. Setting your browser to accept cookies will streamline your use of, so that you don’t have to log-in each time you visit our website.